We tackle complex human rights research challenges  

The Evidence Lab is Amnesty International’s digital investigations team, working to advance digital methods in human rights investigations. We tackle complex research challenges and explore innovative investigative methods to document human rights violations worldwide.  

We partner with experts within Amnesty and beyond to combine the power of individual testimonies with digital evidence streams, using digital methods such as open source research, digital reconstructions, remote sensing, crowdsourcing and data science to piece together the hidden truth. 

Our work is guided by the principles of care, integrity, inclusivity and transparency, ensuring that our methods and findings are ethical, accessible and clear.

We work with the next generation of human rights investigators

DVC Students at the 2023 Digital Investigations Summit in Berlin, Germany

One of the Evidence Lab’s key initiatives is the Digital Verification Corps, a network of multidisciplinary students from six partner universities worldwide who authenticate videos and images found on social media to support human rights research in a more complicated world of misinformation and disinformation. The programme won the Times Higher Education award for international collaboration in 2019. 

Digital Verification Corps Partners


Centre of Governance & Human Rights

University of Cambridge


Centre for Human Rights

University of Pretoria


Human Rights Centre

University of Essex


Human Rights Center

University of California Berkeley


We explore innovative digital methods in our investigations

We aim to support human rights organisations, researchers, investigators, students, journalists and other interested parties to explore digital investigative methods for human rights research in our blog. It is also a space to share best practices, new techniques and tools for conducting investigations, combating misinformation and disinformation, and helping contribute to a better-informed public. 

On our site, you will find guides to tools and techniques for verifying open source information, as well as Amnesty International’s case studies showing how methods such as video and photo verification, remote sensing analysis and weapons analysis can both expose and corroborate other evidence of human rights abuses. 

This resource has been developed by Amnesty International and is managed by the Evidence Lab in the Crisis Response Programme.